A cut above the rest of the companies providing matchless worktops

3.Minerva worktops (1)The name of our company is Worktops and Flooring UK Ltd. We’ve been providing the best Minerva worktops service for over the past 10 years for consumers in the UK. The site that represents our company is BBK Direct UK – You can treat it as our main website where all sort of info regarding the company is regularly updated to go through.

We supply a wide range of products for your domestic kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. We believe in three things, the best quality, reasonable rate and a cooperative climate between us and our customers, and we think it is the secret of our success that is growing up each day that passes.

If you feel able to contact us live, you can call us on 0203 397 3998, and if you are in the mood to text us a message, here is our email address: info@bbk-direct.uk.com. We strive to the best of our ability to cooperate with our callers the best possible way giving them full time and attention as a sign of our best wishes for them so that a long term relation can take place.

Please note that BBK Direct UK is the only site that represents us, and if you see any other site claiming to be our representative, the same must be considered a scam, and we won’t be responsible for any deception.

A detailed info about our company “Worktops and Flooring UK Ltd” is available on this site, and therefore, you need to keep on visiting it to stay updated all the time with the new products as they are manufactured by us.

All our products are primarily for your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, in this respect, you can opt for the desired product for your order to place with us. All you’ve read here was just a few well-chosen words, so for the more details, you can avail the above-quoted site.